• SHARPTON: Yes. I didn't say that I called it socialism.

    O'REILLY: No. That's a legitimate point. But you yourself were caught up, years, years back in a situation where somebody got killed.

    SHARPTON: Right.

    O'REILLY: In Harlem, New York. There was a clothing store there and you were leading a protest and things got heated.


    SHARPTON: Absolutely wrong. That's what I'm talking about. I led a protest in September. In November that year, three months later, two and a half months later, a guy killed himself and others and they go back to that speech.

    O'REILLY: And that happened to me.

    SHARPTON: Which is totally different than somebody standing up in front of a protest.

    O'REILLY: Yes, I know but the point I'm making is that happen to you and it happen to me. George Tiller, the abortion doctor, they blamed me for his assassination, and while you had a distance of a couple of months, all I did was report the truth. And we both got blamed unfairly, OK? For tragedies that happen. So, what I'm saying to you is the media ran wild with this Tea Party thing last week, blaming the Tea Party. You saw what Pitts says. Pitts says basically that the Tea Party people are racist. That's unfair.

    SHARPTON: Yes. But there is a difference in what Pitts is saying and in those that are talking about violence. I think what Pitts is saying and some of The New York Times writers are saying is that there is a racial component where people talk about take back our country. Who is our? You can't deny…

    O'REILLY: Well, our is them.

    SHARPTON: Bill, you cannot deny there are some racial components in this.

    O'REILLY: Hold it. Hold it.

    SHARPTON: Does that make everybody a Tea Party racist? I don't think…

    O'REILLY: I am going to deny that. Here is what I'm going to deny. I'm going to deny that the Tea Party platform, the movement itself is based on race at all. It isn't. What happens is, in any organization, including your own, you have nuts. You have loons. People who take it way too far who may be racist themselves. You cannot demonize any organization by the actions of a few in a demonstration. That's insane.

    SHARPTON: I don't think you can do that. But I think that if we were to sit here and say that in the Tea Party that there is not some leaves in that tea bag that are racist.

    O'REILLY: Well, then, you've got to prove, you've got to make that — you've got to prove it. You have got to prove it.

    SHARPTON: People standing outside of Congress using the n-word.

    O'REILLY: How do you know they did that?

    SHARPTON: I have seen the tape.