• But the point is, President Calderon is cooperative with us and President Obama is cooperative with him. We have the same goal in mind in. We are working together. If the question is, do we need to do more? Obviously the answer is yes, we need to do more to help them.

    But it would be useful if he would help us more on this border issue because he seems to turn a blind eye toward his people coming across the board near the United States earning money here and sending it back home. That's one of the best ways of supporting their families in Mexico. That is not right if they come in illegal.

    We need a system where they can come in temporarily legally, and we don't have people illegally crossing the border.

    VAN SUSTEREN: What do you think of the fact that Governor Richardson of New Mexico is going to hold the governors' conference in his state? The border governors in Mexico said they wouldn't go to the one in Arizona. Governor Brewer cancelled and Governor Richardson said, fine, we'll do it in my state?

    KYL: That's a lot of politics. What I really resent the administration won't back the state of Arizona and in fact it attacks Arizona.

    Does it ever do anything about the sanctuary cities that thumb their nose at federal immigration law? No, that is fine with the Obama administration. But when a state tries to enforce the law, let's sue them, boycott them. That is baloney.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Senator, thank you, sir.

    KYL: Closing on that technical term.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Indeed, thank you, sir.