• We seek to debate in a healthy arena what it is that Americans need to start talking about and you know I'll just ignore this crap.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Alright. Well I want to through one other stink bomb out. I look forward to see you at the ombudsman and organization. We'll see you at the ombudsman NPR think about this or any of these ombudsmen about whether you know this is real journalism and whether this is really how we want to foster debate and encourage (inaudible).

    PALIN: When did this become real journalism? Where you can cite anonymous sources?

    VAN SUSTEREN: (inaudible) anonymous sources. Bret just got off the air and he handed to me because happen between his time. Bret Baier got off the air and I got it.

    PALIN: Well Politico, Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei they're jokes. This is a joke to have unnamed sources tearing somebody apart limb by limb.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Without a source?

    PALIN: Without a source that's the point. If they would cite themselves. If they would man up and if they would you know make these claims against me then I can debate them. I could talk about it. But when they're just - to me they're making stuff up again.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Whether terrified of you, which is another interesting whole phenomenon, they're scared - I was going to say scared something of you but that, we're on TV even though its cable. Alright OK now that's not why you originally booked to come on tonight.

    You're booked tonight to talk about tonight election about the elections coming up. I'm curious. Now its two days out. Let's say a candidate no one in particular is down three points in the polls what can you do?

    PALIN: You're asking the right person because I was always down in the polls for the last 20 years in all the different offices that I've ever run for. I don't think I ever lead any polls but I always knew internally that I was going to be just fine because I kind of had a good game there at the end.

    What it entails is getting thee vote out. Making sure that you have a good base of supporters who will man the phone banks. They're going to call their neighbors going to call people down on that voter roll and it takes a lot of effort in the last couple of days but you have to put in the 18, 20 hour days with phone reminding people to get out there.

    It's all about voter turnout.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Alright I just thought of something going back to the other things. I'm actually hung us on journalism since that the (inaudible). Candidate Miller who you've supported very much so in the state of Alaska speaking of journalism.

    There's been a little bit of a row up in journalist up in Alaska with a CBS affiliate tape in which they make accusations about I guess we can talk about journalism again.

    PALIN: That's fine let's talk about journalism because it's sad what's going on. Yes up there in Alaska.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Explain what happen.

    PALIN: Well we have a tape of the night my rally for Joe Miller Thursday night. There is a tape now a reporter an assignment editor of the CBS affiliate thought that they had hung up the phone but it was still being recorded on Joe Miller's campaign manager's phone.

    He has now evidence that these reporters were I believe conspiring to make some things up or concoct something that had to do with a negative bent in Joe Miller's campaign. Specifically, these reporters were talking about finding someone in the crowd who would show up to support Joe Miller who would be a child molester.

    Somebody registered on the sex offender list and then tainting Joe Miller in his campaign trying to mesh the two. A bad guy and Joe Miller. And then - the news director now Jerry Beaver - "Leave It To Beaver" - you had to admit yes that was his station, those were his people who made the call. Also in that phone call. ...

    VAN SUSTEREN: But it was a late, he had a pretty - I mean I thought he could have done better in terms of explaining it.

    PALIN: You can't explain it away so yes it was a very lame explanation when he tried.

    VAN SUSTEREN: He should have said it was wrong. He should have said it wrong and he shouldn't have said it was taken out of context.

    PALIN: And he should fire the reporters. He should teach them a lesson. But anyway, and then within that same conversation there were other issues hey let's do a ram call moment. Let's find any kind of chaos if there is any kind of chaos then I thinks the reporters saying I can immediately tweet it and put out an alert that there was some kind of chaos or Joe Miller got punched or something.

    You know just - it's atrocious. And people just need to read the transcript or listen to the tape itself and make up their own mind.

    VAN SUSTEREN: It tells about, it tells I mean about how people cover races. And I know people are going to say well it only happen to liberals, it only happens to conservatives. People are going to take sides in this.

    So people should stop taking sides on the issue and hold journalist accountable for actually you know being fair and doing the right thing.

    PALIN: Absolutely, absolutely. Whether there are other problems out there in Alaska to. Lisa Murkowski's campaign media buyer got one of our conservative talk show host kicked off the air the other day because she did not like what it was that he was saying in support of Joe Miller.

    A talk show host on (inaudible) he's off the air now because of his campaign.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Joy Behar and her wisdom called a candidate out in Nevada a bitch but now she says that the word was a term of endearment.

    PALIN: Saying what's up or down or backward or forward it's almost, its messed up.

    VAN SUSTEREN: You know what it's not about issues anymore. It's actually gotten you know it's embarrassing. It's profoundly embarrassing.

    PALIN: Well we can't give up, we got to clean it up and we've got to bring people back to the issue and talk about what's important.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, thank you.

    PALIN: Thank you.

    VAN SUSTEREN: We'll be seeing you around in the next couple of days as we cover the election.

    PALIN: Thank you.