• PALIN: I would encourage anyone who believes that they can provide some solutions to the challenges facing this country, those who do not believe in big government and that bureaucrats can plan our economy and plan our futures for us, but those who understand that it is the entrepreneurial spirit and being able to responsibly exploit our natural resources to allow us to become a more secure, more prosperous nation. Any of those potential candidates who have that thinking in mind, I would invite them to join in the fray, if you will, and engage in this process.

    MACCALLUM: All right. Just a few seconds left, but you know, your thoughts on the killing, capture, killing of bin Laden and -- some people say that, you know, that makes Obama a very formidable candidate.

    PALIN: No, I'm very appreciative that Usama bin Laden is gone and we have contained that little aspect of evil that wanted to spread and destroy America. But that is just one aspect of the war on terrorism. And no, I don't believe that Barack Obama is a stronger candidate, personally, after our Navy SEALs did what they were able to accomplish under, yes the guidance of our president.

    I believe that the economy is going to be on the forefront of America's mind as we go down this process a year-and-a-half from now in the general. And Barack Obama has no clue how to allow the private sector to grow and thrive because Barack Obama, coming from such a leftist, almost socialist type of thinking, his idea of economic growth all has to do with government growth. It all has to do with taking more from the private sector and spending those dollars, many dollars that we don't even have that we're borrowing, according to his and other bureaucrats' priorities.

    That's no way to grow an economy. People are going to know that. They're going to recognize that more and more, Martha, as these months go on. And no, Barack Obama, I don't believe, is in the catbird's seat in terms of a shoo-in to win the presidency.

    MACCALLUM: All right. We'll see, and we await your decision, as well. Governor Palin, thank you so much. Great to talk to you tonight.

    PALIN: Thank you.