• MACCALLUM: Absolutely ridiculous!

    GOFF: ... (INAUDIBLE) people shouldn't be welcome...

    MACCALLUM: Absolutely ridiculous!


    GOFF: Willie Nelson is a Kennedy Center honoree. He's been convicted of drug abuse multiple...


    MACCALLUM: If you were inviting, you know, students to talk about religion, OK, and you wanted to have religious leaders from around the world, you would include the pope in that group, would you not?

    GOFF: I'm posing it to you. Do think he belongs there or not? Because I think he's controversial.

    MACCALLUM: I -- I find that...

    GOFF: You don't think the pope's controversial?

    MACCALLUM: No, I find it ridiculous! The pope...


    GOFF: ... victims of abuse who would disagree with that.

    MACCALLUM: But I -- look, what -- the connection between those two things we could argue about, you know, for hours on another day. However, when you put this man's lyrics against the great American poets and the opportunity that I think is being squandered here -- I would add -- you know, I would look to the president and Mrs. Obama to say, Can we do better by our kids in terms of exposing them to something that is rich, wonderful culture in this country? Missed, blown opportunity, in my opinion!

    GOFF: Do you feel the same way about Kid Rock who just performed at President Bush's tribute concert, who's been arrested for assault...

    MACCALLUM: Totally different moment!

    GOFF: ... multiple times?

    MACCALLUM: This is a poetry evening for students!

    GOFF: I just don't know where you draw the line. I think...


    MACCALLUM: This is educational!

    GOFF: I mean, Justin Timberlake was accused...

    MACCALLUM: It's educational!

    GOFF: ... of doing something inappropriate at the Super Bowl. Should he be banned at the White House?

    MACCALLUM: Super Bowl ...

    GOFF: But where do you draw the line...


    MACCALLUM: ... and for me, it's a very special venue! And the White House, when you are the president, it's your opportunity to, you know, elevate, to bring to the...


    MACCALLUM: Super Bowl, whole different venue, you know what I'm saying?


    GOFF: I agree with you. I just don't know that I agree that this thing's a downer.



    MACCALLUM: All right. Well, we'll see what happens.


    MACCALLUM: ... see what happens. Keli, thank you. Good to see you, as always.

    GOFF: I like talking to you, Martha!

    MACCALLUM: Thanks, Keli. Good to see you.