• With: John Borgen and Yovanni Borgen

    VAN SUSTEREN: Are parents now looking at Twitter and looking at Facebook pages of their kids in light of what's happened?

    YOVANNI BORGEN: Yes. Yeah. I think they are.

    VAN SUSTEREN: John, this is tough and I know that you wanted to put a spotlight on this cyber bullying. And, you know, I hope -- I know you are speaking up now and I know that -- you are speaking up at school?

    JOHN BORGEN: Yeah. I'm trying to, you know, make everybody, you know, like, to know, like, if they are bystanders watching getting bullied, they've got to tell somebody, or if they are the victim getting bullied, they have got to tell somebody. That's why I want to speak up. I want -- like, I want to know -- I want them to know that I'm doing it and I'm not getting hurt in any some sort, and they can do it without getting hurt, you know.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Good for you, John.

    Thank you both for joining us. Yovanni, John, thank you both.

    JOHN BORGEN: You are welcome.

    YOVANNI BORGEN: You are welcome.