• With: 'On the Record' Legal Panel: Bernie Grimm, Ted Williams, Diana Tennis, Jim Hammer


    WILLIAMS: That was a 100 percent wrong, not only wrong. I don't have a problem with that. I know what happened today. She was trying to keep control of her courtroom and she was right about this today.

    HAMMER: You are all soft out on the east coast. Come out to the west coast. Until a judge throws someone in jail, we've all seen that, until a judge threatens somebody with jail, until real bad stuff goes, this is somebody working 12 hours a day, the lawyers are too. She has six women on the jury, five with kids at home. God bless her for moving this case along.

    VAN SUSTEREN: God bless her for moving the case along, but when a defendant is sitting there and she's pummeling him with questions whether he's going to testify and the defense isn't over, and that's such an important question. And she's pummeling about him, she was dead wrong on that.

    HAMMER: He's had a very fair trial. Bernie is right, his defense attorney has done a great job.

    GRIMM: Agreed.

    WILLIAMS: But think about this -- when a judge makes a ruling, and when she rules, his or her ruling, and then for you to say something afterward, that's inappropriate.


    VAN SUSTEREN: Diana has to practice here, so we give her a pass.

    HAMMER: She knows who has the power.