• With: Laura Ingraham

    And I think in the end, Greta, like the Centers for Disease Control study on all the different gun bans really -- they showed that not really one gun control measure had much of an effect on violence. This is a societal problem. This is a deep, deep cultural problem that we have in our society.

    VAN SUSTEREN: I think we've just become numb to violence. I mean, we see so much of it...


    VAN SUSTEREN: There ought to be some sort of self-reflection among all of us...


    INGRAHAM: ... on down, yes...


    VAN SUSTEREN: ... everybody, you know, whether it's Hollywood or getting guns in the wrong people's hands or whatever it is, but it -- the idea that sort of that we're going to commission a study that somehow is going to do it, you know, I don't know. Maybe I'm just...

    INGRAHAM: Five hundred million bucks!

    VAN SUSTEREN: Maybe I'm bitter.

    INGRAHAM: Five hundred million bucks, all the president's proposals will cost, Greta, if they're implemented. That's the initial estimate for the implementation of some of his ideas.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, I posted on GretaWire something that one of the Hollywood organizations said and I -- and I -- about how they're ready to have a conversation. I thought to myself, I don't want any more conversations out of you. I mean, let's -- you know, start looking at yourself and see if you're really satisfied with...

    INGRAHAM: Yes, I mean...


    VAN SUSTEREN: ... what you're putting out there.

    INGRAHAM: Right, Greta, and I think that politicians and very wealthy people all around this country, the elites in Hollywood -- they have entire security apparatus and security force surrounding them. The regular people of this country deserve to be able to protect themselves and not be demonized if they disagree with some of the president's proposals.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Right. One question. How's the new radio show?

    INGRAHAM: It's fun. I like -- you know, Greta, you're an entrepreneur. I read GretaWire all the time. I always tweet about that stuff that you're doing. And the content that you produce I think is so important, and especially for women and entrepreneurs. Owning your own stuff is really great. We're doing a lot of stuff with digital, which I think is really important, along with terrestrial radio. It's really the wave of the future. And people can listen to the show anytime they want. And it's really cool.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Congratulations.

    INGRAHAM: Thanks, Greta.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Anyway, nice to see you.

    INGRAHAM: Great to see you.