• With: Rep. Jason Chaffetz

    Remember, it's been more than, like, three or four years now since the Senate has actually passed a budget! So not only we have problems with getting a budget out of the White House, but the Democrats aren't producing one out of the Senate!

    VAN SUSTEREN: So war game this out for me. You send yours over to the Senate. What happens?

    CHAFFETZ: Well, this is the classic, you know, let's not wait until the deadline. But the Senate has to act. I think if we can show in the House that we're acting responsibly, that we're curbing back spending, that we're doing the right thing and putting ourselves on a trajectory to put us into a point where we are actually cutting the deficit, and over the course of time, balancing the budget, then we'll be the responsible party and we'll push that over to the Senate.

    VAN SUSTEREN: OK, the president said that's -- that he's just not going to do that. So tell me, what's going to happen?

    CHAFFETZ: The president's saying, Well, I'm going to be irrelevant. And so I should take the president at his word...

    VAN SUSTEREN: So that -- that is -- so that's -- that is going to put us at a standstill. That's -- that's...

    CHAFFETZ: The House can only control itself. And I think part of the reason Speaker Boehner, others, got our -- you know, we got ourselves into trouble is we listened too much to Harry Reid and this -- and the president. We should do what we believe in, what we were elected to do, and pass it over to the United States Senate. The Senate needs to do its job, and they haven't!

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, it's interesting. Secretary Geithner sent a letter to Speaker Boehner today about the debt ceiling. I thought it was very interesting because he talks about -- it says Congress should act as early as possible to extend normal borrowing authority. But the reason I thought this was interesting -- no place in this letter does he say the president has the authority to raise it unilaterally. There's no sort of - - I mean, I -- I don't know -- maybe there was no reason to include it in, but I thought that it was interesting that it was silent as that.

    CHAFFETZ: Well, and the Democrats have this crazy idea we just print this, you know, multi-trillion-dollar coin and that was going to supposedly make everything go away! The reality is, we have to stop spending money we don't have. And you've got to attack entitlement reform and you've got to attack discretionary spending.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Clock's ticking down! Anyway, Congressman, always nice to see you. Thank you.

    CHAFFETZ: Thanks, Greta.