• With: Sen. Tim Scott

    SCOTT: And I hope to bring that narrative back to the forefront. I'll tell you, in the next two weeks, I'll speak at my high school, Stahl High School -- go Warriors! -- and Stahl High School is a place where I believe the minority population between Hispanics and African-Americans around 65 or 70 percent.

    I'm looking forward to going to my old high school and talking about the teachers who empowered me to think for myself, looking at an opportunity to talk to kids who are coming up with single-parent homes about the fact that if you work hard, you have a strong work ethic and you have discipline, the future is very bright for you.

    And I tell you, when I talk to kids about making the minimum wage and me giving away $3 of their paycheck to people they don't know, they don't like that concept.

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right, so today was day one as senator. So it must have been sort of exciting. Tell me what was the biggest thrill. Who'd you meet today? What -- was there something that's particularly fun as being a first-day senator?

    SCOTT: You know, the -- probably the best part of the day was Stahl High School actually streaming my ceremony live.

    VAN SUSTEREN: That is fun! That is...

    SCOTT: I thought that was really...


    VAN SUSTEREN: That's good! I like that!

    SCOTT: Number two, I think, was just walking into the chamber and looking up, seeing my mom on the left-hand side and my brother on the right-hand side and realizing that the people that came together when I was almost a high school -- I dropped out of high school, almost, as a freshman. I failed world geography, civics, Spanish and English.

    When you fail Spanish and English, they don't call you bilingual, OK? They call you bi-ignorant. And the fact that I was able to have folks come into my life at the right time and help me to jump forward, it's a beautiful thing. And we're going to see that repeated throughout this country.

    So John Thune, Senator John Thune, big guy -- we played basketball against Georgetown's staff last year for a charity event.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Who won?

    SCOTT: We did because of Scott Brown.


    SCOTT: So we needed help again. We had an opportunity to talk to John McCain, a war hero. So it was nice to see -- Roy Blunt used to be in the House, working with Jeff Flake, who spent a week on a desert or an island eating grub, or something. It was just a lot of good characters that I met today.

    And of course, I served with Jeff in the House. This is going to be an opportunity for us to come together, have a real dialogue with the American people about how the promised land is still alive and well.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, Senator, nice to see you, and congratulations. And thank you for coming here on your first day.

    SCOTT: Thank you, Greta. There's no place else I'd rather be.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Oh, that's great! And I actually think the most fun is being -- having the high school stream that. That is, like -- that's the best. It doesn't get much better than that, does it.

    SCOTT: Not much better. Thank you.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Thank you, Senator.