• With: Haley Barbour

    But I do know one thing, is that while we're in this period of indecision, and everybody's known about this, nobody's doing any investing. No one's making any decisions. You can't do any planning because the president and the House and the Senate have not -- you know, fish or cut bait, so nobody can make decisions. That stalls the economy, so people can't get jobs. People aren't hiring. No one's doing anything because they won't do their job!

    BARBOUR: I think you're really giving the government a break here when you say it's just uncertainty because it's not just uncertainty. They've got the sword of Damocles hanging over their heads with ObamaCare that the president wants (INAUDIBLE) biggest tax increase in American history and that'll fall primarily on potential job creators.

    It's not just uncertainty about policy. It's that they've got bad, bad policy staring them in the face. The government can't spend itself rich anymore than your family can spend itself rich. But the government is sucking all of the energy out of the economy when the government spends $10 billion a day and only takes in $6 billion!

    VAN SUSTEREN: But every time it just sort of does something -- advances something three months or six months, it really puts a stall on the economy and because people can't make decisions. You know, we have some long-term planning. Every time they do that, it hurts any American who wants a job, every -- every single time! And it's selfish! And you know, it's -- it's not doing their job!

    BARBOUR: I don't take issue with what you're saying. This should have started a long time ago. But let me just say we have to be -- try to be accurate. You're not going to see an entitlement reform bill or a tax reform bill that can be written and decided on and done right...

    VAN SUSTEREN: Within six weeks.

    BARBOUR: ... in a few weeks. You just...

    VAN SUSTEREN: No, I -- no, I understand that.

    BARBOUR: You can't!

    VAN SUSTEREN: I understand that. But this whole sequestration thing started in July of last year. And it's because they didn't do their job that we're now up against this window and it's a few weeks. So it's the American people who suffer because they all, and the president's the leader, didn't do their job! I'm here every night! I'm doing mine!

    BARBOUR: Well, you are. You're doing it well. You're grilling me and trying to act like it's my fault. But that's OK.


    BARBOUR: But look...

    VAN SUSTEREN: I got to blame somebody!

    BARBOUR: You got to go back to where this all has to start. The president has to lead. And I saw on your screen when you started the show the word "compromise." Compromise is not a dirty word. I ran the political office of the White House for Ronald Reagan. And Ronald Reagan, who many thought until Obama was the most ideological president -- Ronald Reagan had to compromise on everything we've talked about.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Yes, but then the -- I mean, just talk about compromise -- today, right after Speaker Boehner gave his statement about how he wants to reach out and compromise, is that a -- the Ways and Means Committee ranking member, Sander Levin, Democrat from Michigan, puts out a press release in which he refers to the Republicans must end their intransigence. So he just insults them right away!

    So how in the -- how do they even begin to have -- have any sort of communication and compromise when they send out sheets insulting each other to the media!

    BARBOUR: That goes back to presidential leadership. If the president doesn't crack the whip, get his own people in line, then how does he expect to be able to get the other side to -- to work with him?

    VAN SUSTEREN: And I appreciate you coming, Governor, so I could yell at you for my frustration for the government!

    BARBOUR: Well, that's good. You know, governors...

    VAN SUSTEREN: I feel much better, thank you!

    BARBOUR: ... ex-governors...

    VAN SUSTEREN: I feel much better now. Thank you!


    BARBOUR: Thank you, Greta.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Thank you, Governor.