• PALIN: It was...


    VAN SUSTEREN: They started it! They're the ones who came up with the idea! They're the ones who sold it to Congress! And now they're trying to push it off on Congress!

    PALIN: And "they" is Barack Obama as an individual told the American people last night that it was just a proposal of Congress's and it wasn't going to happen. It's a law. He signed it.

    He has no respect for the different branches of government, for the Constitution that mandates that he, as the executive, will fulfill the will of the people via Congress. And last night, you know, one thing after another with the false charges and false claims. Romney could not keep up with all the untruths, with the lies. So don't be surprised on this Libya attack, too, that things aren't as they had appeared for those weeks.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, thank you.

    PALIN: Thank you so much, Greta.