• With: Newt Gingrich

    VAN SUSTEREN: Is it smart to engage your opponent, or do you just deal with the moderator? Do you ever just turn to the opponent -- your opponent and say, Look -- and challenge that one?

    GINGRICH: I think you're better off to talk straight to the American people, not even talking to the moderator, but talking to the American people, although, you know, one of the most famous lines -- back to your point about clever lines -- was Ronald Reagan saying, I'm not going to let my opponent's youth and inexperience count against him.

    And everybody broke up laughing because he had taken the issue of his own age, turned it over in such a way that if you looked at Walter Mondale's eyes, he clearly knows at that instant he's lost the election and that Reagan has just decisively ended that debate. So sometimes, it does come down to some magic moment that comes to characterize the whole debate.

    VAN SUSTEREN: And of course, you'll watch our midnight show "On the Record," the special one, right?

    GINGRICH: Absolutely. I want to find out what you said about it.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Anyway, Speaker, I hope I don't -- after I just criticized people calling the race, I hope I don't do that. But who knows.


    GINGRICH: We'll see.

    VAN SUSTEREN: I am -- I can easily make that maker -- that blunder.

    GINGRICH: I'm going to watch...

    VAN SUSTEREN: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

    GINGRICH: I'm going to watch you tomorrow night and tweet. All righty.

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Thank you.