• With: Donald Rumsfeld

    VAN SUSTEREN: Oh, look at this one!

    RUMSFELD: Isn't that a nice composition? That's a Kennerly, the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer from Vietnam.

    Here's our place in New Mexico. That's where we live, and that's our donkey, Mo. We don't use fancy names in our family. There's an Iraqi ballot signed by Allawi. There's an Afghan ballot signed by Karzai.

    Here's a missile, an interceptor, a photograph. A bullet hits a bullet. It can be done.

    Picture of a pen that was used to sign one of the Civil Rights bills back in the 1960s. And this is a pen that was used to sign a defense appropriation bill in 1976.

    VAN SUSTEREN: This is your office?

    RUMSFELD: It is. There are my dachshunds.

    VAN SUSTEREN: And their names, are they as simple as Mo?

    RUMSFELD: Chester's on the left and Wrigley, named for Wrigley Field, is on the right, because hope springs eternal. We're still hoping that maybe the Cubs might win a game or two sometime.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Don't hold your breath. And this is your desk? You don't -- you don't sit at -- you have a standing desk.

    RUMSFELD: I stand up there and work there. I have since the 1960s. And I'm now discovering that people are writing things about that that's supposed to be good for you, to stand up.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Tell me about the fellows.

    RUMSFELD: The central Asian fellows?

    VAN SUSTEREN: Central Asian fellows.

    RUMSFELD: Well, you met them and they were delighted to meet you and to visit the studio. We now have had 62. We bring them over for a period of weeks, a group of 10 twice a year, and set them up with people like you or Nino Scalia or Gary Becker, a Nobel laureate, or The Washington Post Donny (ph) Graham and various people to meet and get an understanding of the United States.

    VAN SUSTEREN: And I gave them all "On the Record" hats.

    RUMSFELD: You did.

    VAN SUSTEREN: And they all walked out of there to return to their countries wearing -- I don't know how long they continued to wear the hats, but I thought they looked good in them.