• With: Fla. Attorney General Pam Bondi, Va. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right, and General Bondi, have you cleared the decks because we're sort of sitting on pins and needles, all of us, wondering which way the -- you know, when the decision's going to come down and which way it's going to be. But are you just, like, all on standby, waiting? Because I assume the state can't really -- I mean, it's sort of in limbo right now, what to do.

    BONDI: We all are. And Ken and I spoke yesterday. Of course, you know, I think all the states are in limbo, and it's Florida along with 25 other states. And again, we went up there with the best opinion in the country. So we can only hope for the best, Greta. And I know any day now -- but you know what? Regardless, we need finality and we need to move on and we need a resolution to this issue.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, think we're going to get one very soon, at least by July 1st. It's just when between now and July 1 we don't know.

    BONDI: That's right.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Thank you, both.

    CUCCINELLI: Good to be with you.