• With: South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley

    VAN SUSTEREN: Are you going to...

    HALEY: (INAUDIBLE) Washington, D.C.

    VAN SUSTEREN: In spite of your friend over at the -- with the baseball bat.

    HALEY: That's right.


    VAN SUSTEREN: Do you intend to help Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a fellow Republican? He's facing a recall between now and June 5th. That's the actual recall date. Do you intend to hit the trail for him?

    HALEY: Absolutely. I have talked with him. I will be there the Friday before the Tuesday of the election. Greta, this is not about Wisconsin, this is about our country. This is about the fact that a governor went into his state and did exactly what he promised to do. And if he loses this, it will take the spine out of every governor across this country.

    If he wins this, we will see more power and strength across the governors in this country than we've ever seen before. I'm going in there to help him win. I think his win will help South Carolina. It will help every state in the country. And we hope that it will show Washington, D.C., what it means to really show true leadership.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Would you accept sort of an apology, a symbolic apology from the Democratic Party in South Carolina for what this woman did with the baseball bat? Because you know, chances are, someone in your party is going to do something really stupid, too. I mean, and we've got to sort of, you know, figure out how -- you know, how we're going to end this. But if the Democratic Party comes out and condemns it, are -- can you move on?

    HALEY: You know, I mean, the Democratic Party put out a racial slur against me last weekend. All they did was get rid of the guy's Twitter account. They didn't apologize then. I don't expect them to apologize now. And frankly, what's an apology going to do? I mean, I think real feelings show whatever you put on a Twitter. And I think real feelings showed in the way she hit the pinata. So you know, for her to apologize is really not necessary. I think she said that she had no regrets.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, she's not going to. She's not going to.

    HALEY: No.

    VAN SUSTEREN: I mean, she -- she -- she has -- I heard her tonight saying that she's (INAUDIBLE) She's perfectly happy with what she did. She's defending it. I'm trying to think sort of a bigger -- bigger picture, whether the Democrats in South Carolina, if they would be sort of -- if they would step up to the plate on this and -- not with the baseball bat.

    HALEY: I would challenge them to do so, but I would also be surprised if they did. The Democrats in South Carolina love to spend. They love to support their unions. And they love President Obama. And the one thing they don't like is me. And so I would be very surprised if they did that, but I certainly would certainly welcome it and appreciate it.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, thank you for joining us. Hope you come back soon.

    HALEY: It's always fun, Greta. Thanks.