• With: Donald Trump

    VAN SUSTEREN: No, no, I'm just saying that -- and I mean, I think it's a reflection on the candidates when they have these omissions...

    TRUMP: Yes. No, but how can you do that...

    VAN SUSTEREN: Because I think...

    TRUMP: ... when he's gone from the company, he's not even there, especially when the big act took place and he's not there, and all of a sudden, they're knocking the hell out of Governor Romney. I think it's very unfair.

    VAN SUSTEREN: We used to argue before juries that, oh, you know, omissions like that are intended to do one thing and that's to deceive, to mislead whoever the fact finder is or the voter in this instance.

    But the other is was what was omitted from the ad was the dumping of the cheaper steel and the fact that 17 other steel mills, including Bethlehem Steel, went under that year, which shows the -- you know, the political pressure by -- in terms of the trade between the nations, that was putting economic pressure on these companies.

    TRUMP: Well, it's not the kind of thing that Obama would be saying, but maybe you just don't do the ad. When you know it's that egregious, when you know it's that unfair, then maybe you just don't do the ad. You're not going to say those two things because those two things destroy the ad.

    But I think people are getting wise to it. And I also think that's why Governor Romney is up in the polls. I mean, if you look at the polls, I'm seeing every poll seems to have him up. And I think people are tired of it now. They want jobs. They want real thinking. And they're not getting that from this administration.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, you know, that's -- I mean, we hear this jobs, jobs, jobs, but I'm not so sure that we're seeing jobs, jobs, jobs in this country and whether...

    TRUMP: Well, you're not seeing...

    VAN SUSTEREN: I mean, I...

    TRUMP: ... real numbers, Greta, because certainly, you're not seeing real numbers. Every time somebody gives up looking for a job, they take them off the list. So it looks like we're doing obviously not very well, but it looks like we're doing better than, in fact, we're doing.

    The real number -- I mean, I've heard numbers that could be anywhere from 19 to 21 percent. I heard 11 percent the other day. But certainly, it's not 8.2 percent.

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right, to be fair -- to be fair to President Obama, I'm curious, should Governor Romney in his ad, to be complete -- should he have included the fact that there were all these subsidies and tax breaks to the successful company that he is now putting in his ad to counteract the Obama ad?

    TRUMP: I don't think so, necessarily. I think that's a much lighter offense. I don't think so. I think that that is something that everybody has done and continues to do. There are subsidies all over the place and there's incentives and all sorts of tax breaks, if you want to call them, or tax incentives, depending on where you're coming from.

    No, I don't think he had an obligation to do that because everybody was entitled to them if they could get them.

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right, you're back in a war on Twitter. You're going after Cher and also your old nemesis, Rosie O'Donnell. What's up?

    TRUMP: Well, no, Cher said some very unflattering and nasty things about Governor Romney, and I think it was inappropriate, what she said, frankly. And you know, I've watched her over the years. I knew her a little bit. And you know, she reminds me of Rosie with slightly more talent, not much more talent, but slightly more talent.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, Cher said something wicked. She says if Romney gets elected -- this is on Twitter -- "I don't know if I can breathe the same air as him and his right-wing, racist, homophobic, women-hating teabagger masters," to which you responded -- I mean, you -- that she's -- that Cher is an average talent who's out of touch with reality. But then you threw in Rosie. I mean, You resurrected Rosie into the fight by calling her a total loser. She wasn't even in this fight with you.

    TRUMP: Well, I likened her to Rosie as a loser. But I -- you know, I understand Cher and Cher is somewhat of a loser. She's lonely. She's unhappy. She's very miserable. And her sound-enhanced and computer-enhanced music doesn't do it for me, believe me.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, it seems like you get into these, these Twitter battles with these women, these...

    TRUMP: No, with people in general.

    VAN SUSTEREN: ... famous women.

    TRUMP: Not women. In fact, usually...

    VAN SUSTEREN: Not women...

    TRUMP: ... women I prefer not because I find them much tougher than men. But actually, I do on occasion I get into battles. And I also have my great likes. I mean, I also greatly respect people.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Is it fun to do these -- I mean, is -- actually, it's sort of like if I follow you on Twitter, it's sort of interesting to see. You guys are hammering each other back and forth, you and Cher and Rosie. I mean, you're, like -- you're going after each other pretty heavily.

    TRUMP: Well, I don't think they're hitting me. I don't know. I haven't noticed that they're hitting me very hard. I thought it was a very unfair shot at Governor Romney. And it -- you know, it took me about one second to give it -- to put it down. And I gave it to somebody, I said, Here, put this down. So it's not like a big deal. It takes me, you know, seconds. If it took me more than seconds, I wouldn't be doing it because I wouldn't waste my time.

    But people certainly seem to like it because my Twitter account has millions of people watching it.

    VAN SUSTEREN: It does have millions. It's -- it, indeed, does have millions. Donald, thank you, as always.

    TRUMP: Thank you very much, Greta.