• With: Newt Gingrich

    VAN SUSTEREN: That he doesn't care about...

    GINGRICH: ... a two-way split here...

    VAN SUSTEREN: That he doesn't care about the safety of the United States.

    GINGRICH: I mean, he's very clear -- look -- well, he's very clear. In his world view, the United States really is responsible for 9/11. The Iranians can get a nuclear weapon and it doesn't matter. And if Israel disappears, well, bad things happen. I mean, just listen to the speeches. Watch him on the debates.

    You know, I thought that Michele Bachmann did a brilliant job one evening of walking through the ways in which he was just out of touch with reality on foreign policy. And I think it's dangerous to have somebody in a senior position, running for president, who walks around saying it's not really a problem if the Iranians get a nuclear weapon.

    The fact is, the Iranians are headed right now by a dictatorship led by religious zealots. I mean, ask yourself a simple question, Greta. If somebody will put on a body bomb, walk in a bus or a grocery store or a restaurant, blow themselves up in order to kill you, how happy do you think they'd be to have a nuclear weapon so they could blow the whole city up?

    I think it's really dangerous to think that we can live in a world with an Iranian nuclear weapon and not run the risk of actually losing an American city. That's how seriously I take this.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Let me turn the question to jobs. Any new ideas on jobs? Well, we've all been sort of involved with sort of the catfight between the politicians, or stirring up fights between the politicians, and then fundamentally, we got to get back to the issues. And I apologize for being so late in the interview to ask you, but what about jobs? You got any new ideas, anything since we've last talked?

    GINGRICH: OK, let me shock you. All the ideas that I have are old. They're the ones that work. It's like if you said to me, Do you have a new way to boil an egg, I'd say, No, I have an old way to boil an egg, but it will boil the egg, OK?

    I worked with Reagan. We cut taxes, cut regulations, developed American energy, respected and encouraged the people who create jobs. Guess what? We created millions of jobs in the '80s. I came back in the '90s as speaker. I picked up the Reagan cookbook, cut taxes, cut regulations, developed American energy, encouraged the people who create jobs. It worked.

    So I have as an economic plan that we're going to release a budget analysis of this week -- I have a terrific jobs plan that we think will create millions of new jobs, an enormous increase in the economy. And it's the same old stuff. What's amazing is people who come in and say, Gosh, I wonder how you fix a good breakfast? You hand them the cookbook, and they run ruin it!

    VAN SUSTEREN: And with...

    GINGRICH: I believe in Adam Smith and Obama believes in Saul Alinsky. There are no new ideas in Saul Alinsky that work.

    VAN SUSTEREN: And I apologize for the use of "new." It was a poor choice of words. I really didn't mean new. I just meant -- I was just trying to sort of segue to the discussion because, you know, fundamentally, beyond all the sort of fights that, you know, we sort of provoke in the media with these -- you know, the bottom line is Americans care about jobs. So it was a bad segue.

    Anyway, Speaker, thank you, sir.

    GINGRICH: Well, when -- thank you.