• With: Mitt Romney

    ROMNEY: Well, of course not. That would be -- go back to the very founding of the country and look at the campaigns back in the days of Washington and Adams and Jefferson. People are talking about contrasts between one another and describing those differences. That's the nature of the political process and people sort through those things.

    Trying to -- to suggest that we're going to move into a nirvana-style political world just doesn't make a lot of sense. On the other hand, there are people who in their ads don't tell the truth, or misrepresent, and there are some ads that have gotten, you know, Pinocchios awarded by...

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, your -- yours got one, though. There was an ad where you were supposedly quoting President Obama and President Obama was really quoting John McCain.

    ROMNEY: We put that out, as you know. On the day the ad came out, we released a press release pointing that out.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, why would you -- why would you even put that ad out to begin with?

    ROMNEY: Because we wanted to make it very clear that what he said about John McCain was now true about him. That was the purpose, and we pointed that out in our press releases, like, Look at this ad, what's saying was once said about John McCain now is being said about him.

    VAN SUSTEREN: You don't think that was misleading. You're satisfied with that.

    ROMNEY: We put that out very clearly in the ad -- or the press releases. We talked about it. Everybody heard that story umpteen times.

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Your strategy this year compared to four years ago -- any thoughts on it? Has it changed at all?

    ROMNEY: Well, if I haven't learned anything in a second campaign, I'd be embarrassed. There are probably some differences. You're probably better at guessing what they are than I am because for me, it's real time.

    You know, I guess one of the important things for me is to make sure that people understand that I am in this campaign because I'm very concerned about America. I think we're on a track to becoming Greece. I think we're on a track to becoming almost a European-style nation, an entitlement society where government takes from some to give to others and where we crush the American Dream.

    I want to keep America an opportunity society, a merit-based system. That's the choice we have in this country. I've spent my life in the real economy in America. I know what it takes to get the economy going. I know how we create jobs in America. It's an extraordinary distinction between me and President Obama, and actually, between me and the other guys on the stage. They spent their life in politics. Nothing wrong with that. I spent my career in the private sector. I think that gives me a real advantage.