• With: Rep. Darrell Issa

    Again, Greta, we don't think this was an operation conducted from the Oval. We do believe this was an operation thought of probably locally, approved nationally, and allowed to continue to where Americans and Mexicans have died as a result.


    VAN SUSTEREN: Now we have much more with Congressman Issa straight ahead. He had some very harsh words for the attorney general.



    VAN SUSTEREN: We continue with Congressman Darrell Issa.


    VAN SUSTEREN: You have subpoenaed these documents. Have you tried to ask for them through subpoena because the subpoena serving ratcheted up the tension between Capitol Hill and the Justice Department and the White House? Have you asked for it and has it been denied or they are slow to get it to you?

    ISSA: Greta, we have been slow rolled even when we had is. But we asked repeatedly, we negotiated. What we found is they mark virtually everything as law enforcement sensitive, treats it as classified material. The materials tell us they are deliberately redacting beyond what we believe is reasonable.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Do you have any reason to believe the attorney general of the United States new about the operation that was going on with "Fast and Furious" prior to his testimony in may?

    ISSA: He certainly knew the name "Fast and Furious."

    VAN SUSTEREN: But the actual operation who was going on, because that's the controversy.

    ISSA: No, Greta, the controversy is he swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When he answered, I only learned about it a couple weeks ago, he certainly was not answering fully he knew about the name, knew x, y or z about it, but didn't understand it fully if that's the case. The obligation of candor, the duty of candor is something clearly the attorney general didn't meet in that testimony before that committee and before my questioning.

    VAN SUSTEREN: So you think he wasn't telling the truth?

    ISSA: I said he didn't meet a duty of candor.

    VAN SUSTEREN: But if someone is not -- if you are not being straight, you are not telling the truth. I mean if you are dodging, you are asked a question straight up --

    ISSA: Greta, I believe the attorney general was dodging at best, lying, perhaps, but more likely dodging. He certainly knew "Fast and Furious." He should have said I have known about "Fast and Furious" for months or a year. I did not know certain details. Then we could have had the legitimate follow-up on those details.

    His duty of candor, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth should have caused him to at least give us the information that clearly I was looking for, which is when did you know about the operation called "Fast and Furious"? His answer was only a few weeks ago. That did not meet the legitimate test of a top law enforcement officer who is sworn to give the whole truth.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Can you give a little latitude that there's a lot going on as attorney general. For instance we know what happened with the latest terrorism plot we've been working on for several months.

    ISSA: He knew enough to do a press conference. He knew enough to get a lot of PR.

    Look, I can't give you a pass as a very smart lawyer, I can't give the top law enforcement officer a pass. I'm candidly speaking before Congress when asked before a question and answering.

    Having said that, he certainly has an opportunity to answer questions fully and completely and honestly. Yes, it will be tougher than if he had answered them correctly the first time but he has an opportunity to say I found out about Fast and Furious at this point. I found out about "Fast and Furious" more or not more when Brian Terry was murdered.

    And then the follow-up questions quite candidly by the Judiciary Committee, not by my committee, have to be, if you knew about "Fast and Furious" or you knew about Brian Terry being killed, and he certainly did, why was did you didn't know that these weapons came from "Fast and Furious"? That this operation had deliberately let these guns walk? And what are you doing to the individuals who reported to you who didn't keep you fully briefed on something in which an American had been murdered?

    Those questions are questions for judiciary and for the president. Do you have confidence in the top law enforcement officer if he is so detached that he said I can't read all this stuff, and by the way, I didn't know anything in detail about something in which an American border patrol had been murdered and in fact plenty of people felt that the border had died as a result of these weapons.