• With: Sarah Palin

    VAN SUSTEREN: I imagine that in thinking of whether you'd run or not run, you looked at President Obama just from -- not just necessarily in policies but in terms of just running for office. I'm curious, what do you think are his greatest strengths and greatest -- his greatest strength and greatest weakness as a politician going into this race?

    PALIN: Herman Cain?

    VAN SUSTEREN: No, President Obama.

    PALIN: President Obama. Oh, his weakness is his track record. It's been a record of failure. You know, he's got a couple of successes there, thanks to our Navy SEALs. But I would say, overall, he has failed, especially with economic issues, he not understanding that it is the private sector that creates jobs. It's not going to be government. He is so absent from that reality that I give him an F in terms of economic success. So that is his -- that's his failure.

    What his strength is, if you can consider this a strength, he's going to have a billion dollars up against the Republican candidates, and he's going to have about 90 percent of the media still there in his back pocket. That will be his strength.

    But I believe that enough Americans have awakened to that fundamental transformation of America that really is transforming us into something unrecognizable that candidate Obama had promised, that he's trying to follow through on as our president.

    Enough of us have wakened up to what it is that we could become with our liberties eroding, and we're saying, No, enough is enough. We will replace you, regardless of that billion dollars that we're up against, regardless of the mainstream media who will continue to not only refuse to vet you and learn more about what makes you tick, Barack Obama -- regardless of all of that, people are awake. They want a change. They want positive developments in our country. We do not want to be a bankrupt, dangerous place to be. We will replace Barack Obama, despite those strengths, if you will, that he has.

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right, I don't know if you saw it or not, but former lieutenant governor of the state of Maryland, a friend of mine, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend of the Kennedy family, wrote an article in which -- in the headline, it said something to the effect that she agrees with Governor Sarah Palin -- it's on the issue of crony capitalism.

    But I'm curious, are you surprised to see a prominent Democrat sort of reach across the aisle and so publicly say that she agrees with you on something?

    PALIN: I appreciate her boldness in publicly saying she agrees with Sarah Palin. But I also say, OK, that that is proof that this crony capitalism problem that will bankrupt our country if we do not stop it -- it reaches across party lines.

    Unfortunately, both sides of the aisle have been participants in the pay-for-play schemes and this cronyism that, as I say, will bankrupt our country if we don't stop that. So I appreciated her comments and her agreement that enough is enough in that arena. And we united, both parties, have got to say no more of the pay-for-play deals that we're seeing coming out of Washington.

    VAN SUSTEREN: And I might add that you two probably don't agree a lot on of policy. You probably agree on some of it, but I didn't mean to suggest you both agree on everything, but I thought it was sort of just interesting that you both don't like that.

    But I'm going to take the last word on that. Governor Palin, thank you, and good luck.

    PALIN: Thank you so much, Greta.