• With: Rep. Michele Bachmann

    BACHMANN: There's one...

    VAN SUSTEREN: I'll tell you where it is! It's the waste!


    VAN SUSTEREN: Everyone runs on waste!

    BACHMANN: That is true. There is waste.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Everyone runs on waste! The president said he was going line by line -- I went through his speeches last week. Line by line, when he was running for president, he was going through the budget and make sure we get rid of all the programs we don't have. There's billions and billions -- we -- there's so much waste we sent over to the wars, whatever, waste! And it's, like, it's astounding to me that we're worried about where money is (INAUDIBLE) never start cleaning up our internal act!

    BACHMANN: You won't find an ounce of disagreement with me. I think that we should have a budget and just go ahead and implement all of these items. If the government has already found it, let's do it. But Greta, if you want money, there's $1.2 trillion that of America -- American companies have already earned. If we have a zero percent what's called a repatriation tax, overnight we'll see $1.2 trillion that the taxpayers aren't supplying, that they don't have to pay back, that we don't have to borrow from China, overnight we can wash $1.2 trillion...

    VAN SUSTEREN: Is that corporate money?

    BACHMANN: Yes.

    VAN SUSTEREN: The corporate -- but that comes back to the -- I guess it goes through the economy. It goes through the economy. It's not coming back into the corporate till.

    BACHMANN: Here's the thing. You have a solution coming in the private sector and it's permanent. Have a zero percent repatriation tax through December 31st, and make it permanently 5 percent thereafter. You're continually bringing infusions of capital. And if you lower the corporate tax rate, you'll bring those American companies back, too.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Congresswoman, thank you very much.

    BACHMANN: Thank you, Greta.