October 22, 2017
O'Reilly settled case for $32 million

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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE said the press is conducting a grief check on President Trump to see whether he's compassionate enough toward the families of fallen soldiers. JESSICA TARLOV said all sides are politicizing the stories about the four soldiers killed in Niger. SHELBY HOLLIDAY said Sarah Huckabee Sanders shouldn't have suggested that the media not question John Kelly as a four-star general. TRISH REGAN said the #MeToo campaign after the Harvey Weinstein debacle is empowering women but that Hollywood reeks of hypocrisy. Hollywood Reporter Editor Matt Belloni questioned why 21st Century Fox didn't dig into the $32-million sexual harassment settlement involving Bill O'Reilly before renewing his contract, as the New York Times reports. And KENNEDY said Jimmy Kimmel is taking a risk with stances that drive away conservative viewers because "half the audience wants to cannibalize you."

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