November 21, 2017
Opinion writers compare Charles Manson to President Trump

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EMILY JASHINSKY said the Al Franken groping photo is a hugely important piece of evidence and that the media have been tough on both him and Roy Moore. MICHAEL TOMASKY said the Franken picture would have been damaging anytime, not just in the current media environment. FRANCESCA CHAMBERS said President Trump has ignored reporters' questions on Moore while criticizing Franken on Twitter. LYNN SHERR said there's been "political climate change" that makes Bill Clinton's sexual misconduct look far worse now than in the 1990s. SUSAN FERRECHIO said the atmosphere means that Democrats on the Hill could not duck reporters about the Franken case. AMY HOLMES said some Democrats are more interested in investigating the Uranium One case than the mainstream media, while LESLIE MARSHALL said it would be an abuse of power to name a special counsel for Hillary Clinton. And MARA LIASSON said the press jumps on each tidbit in the Russia investigation but it's too soon to know what they amount to.

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