October 21, 2016
Your Buzz: Are GOPers abused by the media?

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CHRIS WALLACE joins us with a behind-the-scenes look at his widely praised moderating of the final presidential debate. KELLY RIDDELL, JOE TRIPPI and ERIN McPIKE will analyze the coverage of the debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, especially the media denunciations of his initial refusal to promise to accept the election results. ED HENRY will examine the Wikileaks embarrassments for a number of journalists seen cozying up to the Clinton campaign. And JOE CONCHA will weigh in on Wallace's performance and the anti-Trump coverage of New York's Al Smith dinner.

Ask Howie

The guest on your program McKinnon is wrong. He said Republicans should know their place, i.e. being abused all the time, and should just take it. That is why Republicans being abused all the time. GOP should use its weight and let all people including media know that you do that again you would be punished to no end.

P.Y. Cheng

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