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  • February 09, 2017

    I wanted to send an email about your segment with Kellyanne. She should have her own news show so we can learn the POSITIVE news about President Trump! She was 100% on point about the news media about cherry-picking which stories they spin and "report." I know most of the news I read or hear is probably untrue or twisted into some negative story.

    - Susan Huey
  • February 09, 2017

    Ms. Conway is absolutely correct in stating the media cherry-picks news coverage. The media constantly focuses on covering all of those crybabies who are parading around out there because they are not getting their way. That's exactly what they are, a bunch of crybabies! Why isn't the media giving equal time to the enormous amount of people who are totally behind President Trump and what he is doing to make all Americans safe?

    - Sharon B.
    from Pennsylvania
  • February 09, 2017

    It seems that the media bias goes on with Tom Brady not wanting to get involved with his friendship with President Trump. They make it to support Trump in any way is a bad thing. Is that not bias?

    - David Chiaramante

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November 10, 2014

The interview with [Sharyl] Attkisson was well formed, but again the way you formulate questions, as usual, shows your liberal bias disbelief. You continue to show disbelief that ANY liberal bias could exist at the network news operations.

- Jerry Edelman
November 03, 2014

Regarding Chris Christie... what America needs is a leader who'll stand up to these hecklers! He'll also stand up to our enemies in the Middle East and elsewhere. Christie should be applauded for speaking up... you and your guests clearly don't recognize a leader when you see one. Most of these politicians say what they think you want to hear... Christie says what he thinks and should be said.

- Dan
from Florida
October 27, 2014

How can your panelist say the network news doesn't cover the elections because no one is interested. Fox News has a lot of politics and gets the good ratings and gets plenty of advertisers. Who is he trying to kid?

- Max
from Nevada
October 20, 2014

Your panel discussion on Ebola made me want to throw up! You people are as arrogant and superior feeling as the president! So now you people will decide what the public should hear and not hear about the news of the day because we mere intellectually inferiors can't handle the truth! Your job is to report the news and the facts... that's it! If you did your jobs well and truthfully then maybe this country would not be going to hell in a hand basket.

- Beverly
from Georgia
October 16, 2014

Hey Howie, why don't you tell me what's "Fair and Balanced" about the "mainstream media?" O'Reilly is right... you gotta have a quality product to sell it. If you had to "sell" the "mainstream media," you couldn't give it away. Around my house, the mainstream media is about as popular as the Ebola virus. They're all a bunch of left-wing hacks and hypocrites. At least we can be thankful whatever kind of dementia they've got isn't contagious.

- Robert Phipps
September 30, 2014

Jon Stewart constantly conducts "comedic" assassinations of FOX and the GOP on the Daily Show... His latest ambush of Redskins' fans was puerile and smug to say the least. Stewart's audience is mostly adolescents and students who are waiting for the pre-frontal cortex to develop, but it would be interesting to see more dissection of Stewart's clever propaganda broadcasts for the left and some sunlight on what he is really trying to accomplish.

- Henry
from South Carolina
September 22, 2014

Howard, you declared that the CNN reporter was a good journalist for asking repeatedly why the actress didn't just produce her ID when the police approached her. But you asked no questions at all about Meredith Vieira’s claim that she was abused by a boyfriend. Where is the proof that ever happened? Did you investigate to see if there was a police report ever filed? You've made a mistake here by not investigating her claim.

- Roderick
from Alaska
September 17, 2014

Great coverage on the media's treatment of Ray Rice, but I wondered about another abused woman, that is, Hillary Clinton. Hillary has been humiliated on a global scale for decades by her husband. Why has the media basically ignored this story and what psychological effects it has had on Hillary. It's an especially important story since she's running for president. Thank you again for the fantastic job you do week in and week out.

- Jim
from California