November 01, 2016

Ask Howie

I am absolutely disgusted with the way [the media] treat Donald Trump and are so unfair. Anything they can do to put him down they appear to do. I would like to know why people think that Hilary Clinton should get away with what she has done with the email scandal, and the apparent lack of respect for the law, doing just as she chooses and not as a law she should follow when Martha Stewart made a silly mistake and served time for doing so.

- Susan B.
from Alaska

With all due respect, for Mr. Cuban to make the remarks he made to you about Mr. Trump just shows he has no credibility other than he is a billionaire ok big f*** deal. What doesn't he or you get about breaking the "LAW"? I guess no big deal, right. He checked out what?

- Stephen

In the segment at the end of the show regarding Juan Williams, you said (paraphrased) "Anyone who does not understand that does not understand journalism." Howie, as this election has shown, educated "journalists" do not understand journalism. As you know, a journalist's job is to report the news, not take sides or pontificate.

- Peter S.
from Mississippi