October 26, 2016

Ask Howie

I am seriously is concerned how the media has evolved into being in the tank for especially the Dems, specifically for Hillary. Even as a Dem, I stopped watching NBC, MSNBC and CNN as they report only the news to make the Dems/Hillary look good, while they report on everything that makes the Republicans/Trump look bad... there are stories about Hillary, compliments of her drive to be the prez, no matter what the cost, that the media should report as well.

- Nancy Carman-Bergthold
from Victorville, California

Why does every Trump surrogate have to explain what Donald Trump means when he speaks? Does every Fox News media hound really think that the American population doesn't know what he actually said compared to what the media hounds think he meant about something? I have heard so many media jockeys say "Well, what Donald Trump really means is 'this' or 'that'..."?

- Steve G.
from New York

Why is it apparently accepted by everyone that five days after the debate, the media has yet to even mention that the question asked by Chris Wallace regarding acceptance of the result of the presidential election was never answered by Mrs. Clinton?

- Bill Hannum