October 17, 2016

Ask Howie

The guest on your program McKinnon is wrong. He said Republicans should know their place, i.e. being abused all the time, and should just take it. That is why Republicans being abused all the time. GOP should use its weight and let all people including media know that you do that again you would be punished to no end.

- P.Y. Cheng

The bulk of the media is more than a group of like minds working to write Trump off; they're more like a mob trying to string him up.

- Paula H.
from Texas

One problem with the press is that all of you in Washington and New York know each other or know of each other and it appears that you as a group have problems criticizing one another. To say that Trump is not being treated differently than Ms. Clinton is apparent to most who live where trees and grass still grow. Mr. Cooper's grilling of Trump with regard to sexual appears that he was aware of what the Democrats planned to release. Did this ever cross your mind?

- Pete
from Florida