September 13, 2016

Ask Howie

I just watched "MediaBuzz" this afternoon on Fox News. The segment was Fred Barnes and a lady Democrat surrogate. She said Trump should answer about his "birther" ideas way back when. The topic was about Hillary's health and she was trying to deflect. You missed a chance to say "Hillary started the birther idea in 2007 and 2008." If you want proof of this Google "did Hillary bring up the birther idea in '08?" You could have stopped her in her tracks; you messed up!

- Ralph W.
from Indiana

Why does no one, including Fox, ever point out that Trump was a private citizen at the time determinations were being made as to Iraq, whereas Clinton was not! She should be held to an entirely different standard than any of the rest of the public at the time.


Matt Lauer did well in his handling of both candidates. I believe that he was attempting to allow Mrs. Clinton the opportunity to communicate clearly her position on the email scandal and she ruined it.... No one should be mad at Mr. Lauer but many will since he gave her an opportunity to clear some air but instead she created yet more controversy over the scandal.

- John F.