September 01, 2016

Ask Howie

I'm no fan of either candidate, but the Washington Times reporter engaged in impressive spin. Hillary did not call all of Trump's supporters racist. She specifically referred to the alt-right, which is a thing. I saw how the reporter tried to say 'what about Hillary's alt-left supporters?' That's not a thing. The alt-right is real.

- Darvio Morrow

Is Howard serious about caring how Hillary's hidden emails are acquired. Does it not matter we will find more illegal info from someone who wants to lead our country. So they were hacked... only a political groupie would care. Why not drop your show and go to work for her. Sound familiar?

- Gary
from Georgia

Dems have called Republicans racists for decades. Why has it become an issue when one Republican decides to hit back?

- Judy K.
from North Carolina