August 09, 2016

Ask Howie

I was at the Trump rally in Windham, NH last night. My first rally. I am a Board Certified Internist and Gastroenterologist with over 40 years of experience. I was in the front row closest to Mr. Trump. He was described on your report as "being unhinged." I presume this is a political rather than a psychiatric observation. Nevertheless, the implication of the statement is clear. I can assure you that from my observations which are honed from many years of clinical practice, that he is not unhinged…

- Frederick P. Spin, M.D.

Is it your responsibility to call out the media rather than your guests who have their own bias. In fact one of your guests at least had actual facts, but isn't that your job. The show is called Media Buzz. Maybe I am wrong and if so, please straighten me out. The media has to answer to all the bias and other things that you and only you should be able to call them out on. Thanks

- Rory
from AK

Howie, watched you and Greta Van Susteren discussing the coverage of Trump this week. I was fascinated that Greta didn't really think this was organized and it was much more Trump’s doing. Let me remind you that the entire leadership of the DNC was shown the door and that didn't even rate an 8 hour news cycle coverage. THE ENTIRE LEADERSHIP, and yet Donald Trump and a Gold Star father have a brush up and the entire world is on Trump. And to be frank Hillary & the DNC baited Trump with Kahn and Kahn knew it.

- Steve Wainscott