August 02, 2016

Ask Howie

I'm not educated as to how the networks are held accountable for what they say, but it seems like they can belittle Patricia Smith and others and get away with it? Why are they allowed to do that? It's just wrong what these outlets are doing! FOX is the only network that truly is fair and balanced. Other networks need to look to y'all for guidance.

- Carol Coleman

Howie, I like your show, and watch all the time. But today I feel compelled to complain. There you were sitting with several "analysts" discussing whether Trump was encouraging espionage, in asking the Russians to dig out Hillary's 33,000 deleted emails. Unfortunately, none of the salient FACTS were discussed. Hillary claimed all the emails are personal, and not government business. So how is the hacking of personal information espionage

- Jim C
from NY

Thank you again for another A-plus show. I learned much… I am grateful to you for having one pro-Trump guest (Kelly Riddell) on your program. I find it tedious to hear a barrage on anti-Trump hectoring most of the time. Trump is severely unpolished, but he is not a menace.

- James Lutfy