June 23, 2016

Ask Howie

It is the job of the media in general, and news organizations specifically to report the facts. We, the public, do not need your interpretation of anything. We can decide for ourselves what these things mean.

- Patrick Core

In your conversation with Guy Benson about Anderson Cooper's attack on Pam Bondi, neither one of you bothered to clarify Anderson's ignorance of the role of an Attorney General, which she explained in her conversation with Anderson. Bondi's personal positions, like those of any other Attorney General, are irrelevant...

- Lesley Wagner

Julie Roginsky made a comment on this morning's show about the media not making this about a hate crime against the LGBT community and this couldn't be farther from the truth. I live in Orlando and people were injured and died in this tragedy that weren't gay. Terrorists hate all groups of people. It just happened to target the Gay community this time. When terrorists hit Paris was it not a hate crime against them? Our media covered that as it was heart wrenching.

- Marti Behrmann