June 07, 2016

Ask Howie

Headline writers are the bottom feeders of journalism. All many people look at are the headlines. Responsible journalists can write a balanced story but the whole thing can be sabotaged by a bad headline. Aren’t there any journalistic ethical principles for headlines?

- Sherry Garner

About 90% of the press has donated to liberal candidates. So this pretense of being fair and balanced by the mainstream media is utter nonsense. If they were fair, they would be hitting Hillary non-stop about 1) e-mails, 2) Benghazi and 3) lack of accomplishment. They don't. This is why Trump is winning. Americans want someone standing up for them and calling the media out on its bias and dishonesty.

- Diana E.
from Casselberry, Florida

The media makes it seem like the money wasn't donated to the vets and the way they go too far on aggressive questioning almost like they're attacking him. The media is unfair and biased towards Trump and actually campaign for crooked heartless Hillary. Maybe the real problem here is that the media sees what their job is and Trump sees what his idea of what their job is and the two shall never meet! The press is too damned pushy, 6-8-10 asking questions all at once. Maddening.

- Andy Ferdin