June 02, 2016

Ask Howie

There is no question there is a difference in how the media covers Trump and the protected way they cover Hillary, even when she ignores them. It’s ironic that Trump will attempt to answer any question thrown at him, while Hillary gives the media few opportunities, other than under friendly and controlled situations, to ask real questions. Most seem to be softballs.

- Steve Ciardelli
from Burlington, Vermont

Perhaps Gawker should have had malpractice insurance. Of course, the better option is to practice good journalism in the first place, but the horse is already out of the barn on the Hulk Hogan case. I don’t have a problem with deep pockets funding serious litigation. That’s what the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center do. Why not individuals?

- Loretta Yeo

First of all the reporter “prodded” Mr. Trump about the Foster “affair.” Granted Mr. Trump could have demurred, but the reporter knew he’d never do that. So, the reporter knew his question and Mr. Trump’s response would make ‘headlines.” And that the reporter instigated the “news” should be pointed out...

- Edwin Bowers
from Florida