May 10, 2016

Ask Howie

If you don't think FOX went on a 24/7 pro Trump tirade, you've been absent for months

- Marion Blair via Twitter

If anyone wants to witness the left wing media bias they should do what I do on occasion: Watch the first 30 minutes of "Special Report" then watch NBC's "Nightly News." NBC's liberal bias is demonstrated by what they don't mention. They may very briefly touch on similar stories as "Special," but they routinely leave off any details critical to Obama, Hillary, etc. Instead, they fill their 22 minutes with weather or feel-good stories.

- Don C.
from Houston, Texas

Mr. Hayes has been anti-Trump from the start. He talks about conservative values, these conservatives backed Bush H&W, Dole, McCain and Romney. More liberal than conservative. They control the House and Senate and government gets bigger, they approve every spending bill, and Obama goes around them to get his way, and they do nothing but talk. I believe it's more personal and ego that they still talk down Trump.

- David C.