April 20, 2016

Ask Howie

Where were all these people now outraged about the rules when Ron Paul was getting screwed over at the convention? There was only passing media coverage on that. Four years late on the outrage, guys.

- Ryan M.
from Colorado

Why does FNC consistently exclude John Kasich from the conversation? On your Sunday show, you show Trump/Cruz families, but not Kasich's. What's the deal here? You call that "fair and balanced"? I get more "fair and balanced" coverage on MSNBC, the Democratic news channel, than on FNC. Your channel is getting more and more marginalized in my mind as time goes by. And, I've been a Republican for 50 years.

- Silky Smooth Swing

As I watched the program this morning, I was taken aback by the comment that our political voting process has been "this way for a long time." After realizing how my vote, (or any other American's vote for that matter) really doesn't mean a damn thing, I'm outraged! How have, we the people, evolved to this state?

- Donalda Alexander