March 31, 2016

Ask Howie

Today on Easter Sunday at 11 a.m., Howard on "MediaBuzz" chose to discuss the Trump/Cruz wife battle, including broadcasting the nude photo of Melania Trump. I think Fox and other media outlets need to start taking responsibility for what they broadcast. It's the media that's the problem perpetuating this nonsense. It's also one of the reasons Americans are angry. Stop it! Does "MediaBuzz" and Fox not have enough news to cover to keep bringing up this issue? Now it's just offensive and it's Fox's fault.

- Cheryl G.
from New York

It was quite telling for Ashley Parker to admit that it was FUN to cover the "National Enquirer" story. Choosing on-the-job FUN over responsible reporting is deliberate dereliction of duty. It is also corruption when it is done for the purpose of helping or hurting specific politicians. It would be interesting to hear if Ashley Parker thinks the New York Times should cover all the rumors about Bill Clinton continuing to have affairs (to this day).

- "14032"

This whole wives' thing is a media concoction, and were they to ignore it, it would soon go away. Cruz, of course, relished the opportunity to call Donald Trump a "sniveling coward," but he didn't look good saying it. But this whole Trump anti-women thing is also a media concoction. Nobody, not even Trump, is anti-women. It's a ridiculous concept, and useful only in politics.

- Alexandra M.
from Rhode Island