March 22, 2016

Ask Howie

I just saw you're piece on the politicians who bash others and then get in bed with them as they praise them. This is exactly what disgusts people about liar politicians. Please don't say oh, that's just politics. No that's lying either in the bashing or in the praise. Both can't be true...

- Tony D.

Howie, you are one voice of sanity in analyzing the media! I caught the end of the man and woman discussing the media coverage of the Supreme Court nomination. Thought the man correctly pointed out the hackery. The woman... that was in the past! Hindsight being 20/20, I would have hoped the man or you would have come back: One word answer please, did Democrats ever try to obstruct Republicans' nominations?

- Ro G.

Watch how the majority of the press treats Trump if he becomes the nominee against Hillary. It won't be anywhere near fair and balanced. Today George Stephanopoulos spent a great deal of time trying to blame Trump for everything negative at and around his rallies. No mention of any culpability by the persons blocking highways and smashing car windows (in Chicago). Is that just poor reporting or evidence of bias?

- Thomas D.