March 15, 2016

Ask Howie

In your interview with Trump, he doubled down on the libel bit saying he would change the law... why, oh why did you NOT quote the Constitution and First Amendment, etc. to him re: "freedom of the press" and ask him about that little detail?

- Sam P.

The news media accusatorily reports on the protests at Trump events as if they are exclusive to Donald Trump and the inevitable result of his message. But these protests are not isolated. They have become common and involve any number of people and issues. People like Ben Shapiro, Dinesh D'Souza, Milo Yiannopoulos, to name a few, have had protesters prevent them from speaking at certain venues.

- Lisa G.

I was amazed at Michael Tomasky’s comment regarding rally at Univ. Ill. at Chicago. Was he saying Trump should not go there because there has never been a Republican rally there before and that Trump brought it on himself because he had a rally in that location? What planet is this guy from? I am NOT a Trump supporter but as a candidate Trump has a right to go wherever he wants to hold a rally. Should a white person not enter a black area? Should a black person not enter a WASP neighborhood?

- Roy Rosenbaum