March 01, 2016

Ask Howie

Many in the media scoff at the idea that they are in the bag for Trump or at least for his ratings. However, nearly every rally, press conference, even tweet is covered in full and for free. They may show 60 seconds of Rubio or Kasich but then 30 min of a Trump rally. Then they are shocked at how much the others spend and how little Trump does. I'm not a media marketing guy but over the last six months he must have received $100M in free coverage. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but this has become ridiculous

- Tony
from Ohio

I have to comment on a representation by Howard that members of the media are doing their job. Sure, they interview Trump and let him demonstrate his volatile personality and lite policy utterances. But, the media, especially TV, have not performed a critical third function. They have not researched, organized for public comprehension (e.g. put legal settlements into common language), and then questioned Trump deeply and persistently about such specifics in his sketchy history of business deals...

- Michael M.

Howard, Sharyl Attkisson's observation about the debate audiences was brilliant! I was glad to see Cruz push back on Chris Wallace's interview questions this morning on Fox News Sunday. I expect to see more similar pushback at this week's debate if the questioners keep going for the negative as opposed to asking for specifics about issues. Good show this morning!

- Thomas D.