February 17, 2016

Ask Howie

You had two women and a man on the panel this morning and the woman in the middle said, "Trump declared bankruptcy four times." If I remember my business ed, a corporation is not a person and it was the corporation that did this. I was disappointed you didn't correct her on this because this is where rumors spread.

- Pete J.

I wanted to write to the lady who did such a great job explaining Albright pretending authority to send anyone to hell who disagrees with her favorite Clinton: Hey lady in red, I enjoyed your perspective as a reporter on feminism, as if all women agree on preborn-issues or what it means to be a woman. I want to see more of you and I don't mean your legs on "The Five" or "Outnumbered."

- Steve Schweitzberger
from Colorado

I still believe that the media in this case John Dickerson was gunning for Trump and wanted a blood bath in which he got. Major Garrett and the other anchor were more fair and "normal"... despite his faults, Trump is my candidate. We are in an era where being courtly isn't cutting it; we need action.

- Lssrep