January 28, 2016

Ask Howie

Ted Cruz is exactly right. 95% of the mainstream media -- as we affectionately refer to as media scum -- are lefties. Not many of us -- with the exception of the media (incl. FOX) -- misinterpreted his comments about New Yorkers. No enigma machine needed. He was referring to the NY-based far left media and the Dem. political trash (DeBlasio, Schumer, Cuomo, Gillibrand, Weiner, Nadler, etc.)

- John D.

The conservatives in the National Review are afraid they are going to lose their funding, so they go after Trump. These conservatives didn't seem to have a problem with Dole, Bush H & W, McCain, Romney. They are a bunch of elite snobs who have lost their way for the sake of control of the conservative narrative.

- David Chiaramonte