January 13, 2016

Ask Howie

Donald Trump and the media are doing America a "huge" favor by discussing Sen. Cruz's birth eligibility during the primary phase. This is the proverbial "elephant in the room" question that Cruz and GOP bigwigs have tried to ignore. Forcing resolution of the birth issue now can prevent post-primary pandemonium for the GOP if Cruz is nominated -- and if he's elected it can avoid a "huge" post-election crisis that makes Bush-Gore of 2000 seem minor....

- Sig Z.
from Independence, MO

Isn’t Rolling Stone giving El Chapo prior approval of the piece about him is in the same league as the history of print magazines allowing show business press agents prior approval of articles about their clients (in return for access, a star’s face on the cover, etc.)? Rolling Stone, at least, copped to the agreement.

- Lawrence Dietz
from Pasadena, CA