January 06, 2016

Ask Howie

So breaking "journalism's" alleged cardinal rules of honesty deserves a second chance? What exactly does Williams have to do to get booted - disagree or expose progressives? Foolish acts again lead to credibility problems for the "media" and another excuse for regular people to lie, cheat, and steal (Hello, Bill Clinton?).

- Bill Toutz
from Florida

One of your guest asked: "Should we tell viewers what they want to hear or what they need to know?" My question is who is the god-like figure who makes the decision about what I need to know? Is there some ordination in journalism school that grants that privilege?

- Walter P.

I'm watching your show this morning and your comment that Bill Clinton, in reference to his impeachment, was "acquitted" is, at best, misleading. He was impeached, but he was not removed from office. He was also disbarred. To many, especially those that we're not alive or following this back when it happened, they hear the term "acquitted" and they equate that with him being found not guilty, which he certainly was not.

- Dirk F.