December 10, 2015

Ask Howie

Did you ever notice that in the media nobody ever asks, when the parrots of the political talking points say we need common sense gun laws, that the moderators never ask them to say exactly and very specifically what are these common sense gun laws they want besides the so-called gun show loophole, as sane people have already figured out that's a back door to stop law abiding citizens from selling or trading any gun with anyone?

- Richard Adams
from Michigan

When is the media going to understand that we need to stop telling the enemy what our plans are to stop them? Do they tell us what their plans are to attack us? Stop asking the candidates what their plans are on the war on terror.

- Tony O.

Very much like your show. I would like to ask why the gun control question is never debated to the next steps and say registration or special lists of people allowed to own.

- Thomas M.