December 01, 2015

Ask Howie

Media can be a "conduit of propaganda" as mentioned on your show. It may be about awareness and proportion: Awareness that at times the press should temper news coverage without excessive repetition or unchecked content. How much does the public really "need to know" at a given time? If media merely fills airtime with endless repetition of extreme violent events in the guise of news reporting, the press magnifies the celebrity of perpetrators... and serves as their propaganda vehicle.

- Sig Z.
from Independence, MO

I am constantly amazed that you in the media do not realize the anger of the voter who is observing the proctoscopic examination of Trump when you totally failed in '08 and '12 to do even a cursory examination of Obama. There is no way that Trump could be worse than Obama has been. He misrepresented his goals in both elections and still does and you in the press yawn at his governing against the will of a majority of the people.

- L. Harris

Matt Lewis has caught the George Will hysteria contagion relative to Trump. While I prefer Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina - Trump's success is as much as a backlash to the Media class (not just liberal but the conservative media effete intellectual snobs (to remind one of Agnew) Washington Georgetown class. Lewis repeatedly continually as if his first born son was in danger goes after Trump with invective, generalization - basically character assassination. Lewis is a smart guy but he has gone off the rails...

- Jim S.