October 02, 2015

Ask Howie

Watching your panel discussion about resignation of House Speaker shows why conservatives distrust the media "elites." One if your panelists, Kathleen Parker, described the conservative bloc in the house as having a goal of just being "obstructionists." That's a perfect example of the media bias. What most of us view as standing on principle the media paints as obstructionists.

- Tony M.

May I suggest that everyone at Fox examine the media/DNC narrative that "the GOP is responsible for shutting down the Government; Horrors!" I submit that, when the MSM (and, sadly, you and others at Fox) advance the liberal meme that "We must be responsible and keep the Government functioning," what you are really saying is "The Congress has no right to have any ideas that are not approved by the Dear Leader."

- Corbin M.

I believe that you and most other commentators at Fox News have a shortsighted view of Dr. Carson's comments on Islam. Two of the important foundations of our democracy are separation of church and state and religious toleration. Islam is antithetical to both: it is both church and state and clearly intolerant toward other religions. So Dr. Carson's argument is a logical one.

- Art Davis
from Oregon