September 23, 2015

Ask Howie

Why is Joe Biden, who hasn't declared that he's running, always included in the poll results? That is seemingly is diluting the results for the others that are in the race. I realize Fox News isn't responsible for most of the polls, but it would be great if you'd address this topic on your show.

- Mavis Smith

I was struck by the lack of any challenge to a statement made by Joe Trippi during a segment on the September 20 edition of your show. The segment focused on that question from someone in the audience at a Trump event claiming that Obama was not an American, nor a Christian (rather, a Muslim), and how Trump handled it. The offensive statement... was that half of Republican voters believe the same way, which was then offered as justification for why Trump didn't push back on the questioner.

- John Lewczak

My take on the incident is Donald Trump appropriately responded to the questioner. Donald Trump is a presidential candidate, the questioner was an average person (for all we know). Donald Trump laughed and brushed the statement aside and then responded quickly to the question, terrorists' camps. The outcry by the media is not deserving of the two players in the question and answer.

- Jerry Carpenter