September 15, 2015

Ask Howie

I noticed something about the headlines at the bottom of the screen on your show. They included things like "Trump's" (not "Donald's") comment about "Carly's" face (not "Fiorina's"), "Hillary's" (not "Clinton's") apology on ABC, "Carson's" (not "Ben's") comments about "Trump" (not "Donald") and "Biden's" (not "Joe's") conversation with "Colbert" (not "Stephen"). Can you explain why the women are consistently referred to by their first names and the men are consistently referred to by their last names?

- Carol K.

It's so obvious Fox News is trying to destroy Donald Trump and I don't appreciate it. Please stop this continual slandering, your constant criticism, your constant ridicule, and your false depictions of him. This is not fair and balanced news this is biased, slanderous, cruel, spin manipulation to try to bring Trump down in the polls. It's not going to work since it's so obvious to us you are trying to do this to Trump and it's making you look very bad and cruel.

- Jami

Everyone in the media is praising Joe Biden for being "authentic," aren't you the same folks who praised Obama for being authentic? One tear and you all go wobbly, just look what happens when Hillary tears up.

- Joe Crosslin